The winemaker and his team

vigne, vigneron, vin bio, biodynamie
vigne, vigneron, vin bio, biodynamie
vigne, vigneron, vin bio, biodynamie
Olivier & Sandrine Dovergne
Vineyards, a passionate way of life
Grounded in the terroir, I wish to create tasty and expressive wines.
Season after season I tend the vines patiently and painstakingly, keeping close watch over soil and sky. I exclude the use of artificial chemical products. Each vintage of Côte Chalonnaise is a new challenge. Less is more: we cherish simplicity, and chose to go back to basics: peaceful, strong and free. Doing the best job possible in the vineyard and the cellar. Happy to go to work each day.
We are the wine
We strive to maintain our goals and our integrity with an enjoyable team spirit.
I work with a permanent team as well as seasonal workers and grape-pickers. My wife, Sandrine, is involved in orienting everyone and supervising the commercial activity of our estate. And then there is Guy Chaumont, who has agreed to transmit to us his know-how, perseverance and discernment gained over 50 years of organic vine growing
From the vines to the bottles, we do everything ourselves: grape selection, production techniques to suit each vineyard- vinification and bottling- learning all the time;
We remain attentive to your needs and at your service
Olivier Dovergne
Sandrine Dovergne
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